Electives in Surgical Education

Location : Undergraduate Surgical Education Office, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Contact: Dr Jonathan White: jswhite1@ualberta.ca

This elective in surgical education allows students to develop additional skills in education, and provides them with training and experience in the application of online technology to teach about surgery. Training will be provided in instructional design and curriculum development, and students will be encouraged to assist with the development of material for a range of surgical specialities using a range of technologies including podcasting, wiki websites, virtual patient software, online assessment and video editing software. There are also opportunities for students to get involved in assisting with teaching activities and recording operative video, and to gain experience in surgical simulation.


After completing this elective, students will be able to:

  • Outline the basic principles of instructional design and curriculum development.
  • Describe the use of new technologies in medical education including podcasting, wiki technology, online video, virtual patient software and online assessment.
  • Use podcasting software to create a podcast on a surgical education topic.
  • Use video editing software to develop online learning materials.
  • Use a wiki website to create learning materials.
  • Use virtual patient software and online assessment tools to develop learning materials for medical     students.

At the conclusion of the elective, the student will make a brief presentation to our team to show completion of the objectives listed above, and to demonstrate the learning objects/materials produced.

Additional Notes : 

This course is suitable for students in all years of medical school. Year 1 and 2 students may wish to complete this as a summer elective.


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