Our Team

photo-finish-surgery-101-jonathan-white-1200Dr. Jonathan White MB BCh BAO BMedSci(Hons) MSc(Med Ed) PhD FRCS(Gen Surg) FACS FRCSC

Dr White has been involved in surgical education for more than 15 years and obtained a Masters Degree in Medical Education from the University of Calgary in 2009.  He was selected as the John Provan Canadian Outstanding Surgical Educator for 2010/11 and was awarded the University of Alberta’s McCalla Professorship in 2010 for Research in Teaching. He is the co-creator of Surgery 101 which has been downloaded more than 2 million times in almost 200 countries. He is the University of Alberta’s first Tom Williams Endowed Chair in Surgical Education and the first surgeon ever selected as a 3M National Teaching Fellow, and also received the University of Alberta’s Rutherford Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr White holds positions in both the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (Department of Surgery) and the Faculty of Education (Department of Educational Psychology) and he collaborates widely within these two Faculties and beyond. He is available to supervise students pursuing Masters Degrees and PhDs in the area of surgical education.

image1Dr. Parveen Boora

Dr. Boora co-created Surgery 101 when he was a chief resident at the University of Alberta. He is currently a General Surgeon in Lethbridge.

jenniJenni Marshall

Jenni is the Digital Education Program Assistant here and most of her work focuses on Surgery 101. She has been with the team since 2008 and was formerly the Year 3 Clerkship Administrator and returned to this new role after taking time off after her daughter was born.  She loves the creativity involved in her role and working with such an excellent team around her.


Shannon Erichsen

Shannon is the Team Lead of Undergraduate Surgical Education and joined the team in 2011.  She is very interested how students learn and how to engage them in their learning.  Shannon brings 25+ years of combined experience of working in the hospital and in medical education through various positions in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Undergraduate Medical Education and Surgery.  She is the recipient of the 2013 University of Alberta Support Staff Research Enhancement Award for consistently making a positive contribution to the research success of our Faculty/Department and the University.  She is an avid audiophile and ensures everyone on the team listens to great music.

616838_10150982406301642_1423823233_oTracy Berryman

Tracy Berryman is Dr. White Clinical and Academic Assistant, also know as the “Boss of the Boss” and has been with him since he opened his clinical practice in 2006. Tracy spends her days balancing Dr. White’s clinical and academic responsibilities. Tracy has been part of the Undergraduate Surgical Education office since Dr. White became the Director and has watched the team grow from being just herself and Dr White to the amazing team we have now. In her free time she spends time with her Daughter, Sophia and her Husband, Jason, and their 2 dogs, Lola and Harley.

unnamed (1)Kat Pederson

Kat is the Year 4 Specialty Surgery Clerkship Administrator and has been a part of the team since 2011.  This former roller derby girl came to us with 12 years experience in healthcare, and was also a Queen’s Bench court reporter.  As a self-proclaimed nerd, she has loved being a part of the evolution of Surgery 101, from podcasts, to videos and beyond.  When Kat is not at work, she volunteers at the Edmonton Humane Society and runs a cupcake business.  She also loves to blog, paint, read comics, get tattoos, and spend time with her daughter, husband, dog, and two cats.

Natalie Marsden

Natalie is a student at Surgery 101 for summer 2017, she is starting her first year of Medicine at the University of Alberta in the fall of 2017.  She was raised in southern Alberta and completed her Undergrad in Chemistry at the Augustana campus. Natalie is a very organized and creative addition to the team her attention to detail made her invaluable for our stop-motion projects, ensuring a smooth production from beginning to end.

Rachel Wang

Rachel is a student at Surgery 101 for summer 2017. Rachel was born in China and moved here at a young age with her family, she has just finished her first year at the University of Alberta in Pharmacology.  Rachel is very creative and has added some musical flair to this year’s productions, along with a few superhero references. Her keen eye for editing has been an asset to our production team this year.

Surgery 101 Alumni

coreyzombieCorey Luda

Corey was a summer student in 2015 at surgery 101 and has decided to return for 2016.  Corey was born in Toronto and raised in Cold Lake, AB.  He is currently enrolled at the University of Alberta working towards a BSc major in pharmacology, going into his second year.  Corey has been a listener of Surgery 101 since he was 14.  He is also a supporter of the New Jersey Devils and Bayern Munich.

20150505_134520Lucy Wang

Lucy is a student at Surgery 101 for summer 2015. She immigrated from China in 2005, has just finished her second year at the University of Alberta, and will be entering the U of A School of Medicine in the Fall. Lucy is strongly passionate about singing and has produced/collaborated on multiple song covers in the past couple of years. She is very enthusiastic about upcoming Surgery 101 projects and hopes to learn everything she can about video editing and production.

image1Keshav Bhargava

Keshav just finished his 3rd year of Science at the University of Alberta, and is currently thinking of pursuing a career in medicine. In his spare time, Keshav likes to spend time with his friends and family, watch hockey, and play golf during the summer.


Juanita Gnanapragasam

Juanita is currently pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences, minoring in Music. She has always been a supporter of Surgery 101 and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the incredible Dr.White and his team in summer 2014. Outside of school she can be found baking cakes and watching Netflix. She cites Surgery101 as one of the best experiences of her undergraduate career; and advises any students who consider working with Surgery101 in the future to just go for it an apply.

unnamed (1)Jennifer Dacany

Jennifer is an alumni from the Digital Media and IT Diploma program at NAIT. Specializing in Digital Cinema, she worked on a number of projects such as short films, documentaries and music videos. Aside from video production, Jennifer is involved in photography and has covered events including StoryWorldQuest and the 2015 Alberta Film and Television Awards.

final-logocolorJennifer Baird

Former summer student at Surgery 101.

IMG_00000385_editAnna Yu

Hello! My name is Anna and I’m a medical student at the U of A.  I enjoy reading, napping, and the occasional run during my free-time.  Currently, I own more instruments than I can play (working on it!)  Having trained as an engineer before medicine, I think surgery+technology is pretty awesome!  It was a lot of fun being an actress, puppeteer, and animator for Surgery101!

final-logocolorMatt Villeneuve

Former summer student at Surgery 101.

final-logocolorJustine McKinnon

Former summer student at Surgery 101.

final-logocolorCassidy Freeman

Former summer student at surgery 101.

final-logocolorJazleen Dada

Former summer student at surgery 101.

ImageJesse Basnak

I’m a third year medical student at the University of Alberta. I’m interested in free open access medical education (FOAM), peer-to-peer learning, and applying technology to teaching. I got started with Surgery 101 in 2012 by developing virtual patients. It’s been awesome to watch the initiative grow since then, and be part of the fun. I’m excited to see where we take medical education in the future.

final-logocolorAlex Preston

Former summer student at surgery 101.

10488153_10155619564280302_4190181986370120815_nYouness Elkhalidy

I am a medical student part of the 2017 graduating class here at the U of A. My nickname within the class is the “5 O’clock shadow” for I have both a fast growing beard and a tendency to shadow especially in the evening. Although studies have taken over most of my time for the past 8 (!) years, outside of school I am an avid basketball player and enjoy running more than is probably healthy for me. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with the Surgery 101 team and have learned a lot about medical education and surgery. I have really enjoyed  being part of this great initiative and hope to continue helping out where I can. So far I am most interested in the otolaryngology head and neck surgery and wish to pursue this interest going into my next 2 years of clerkship.