Breast cancer

In this episode, Dr Parveen Boora discusses breast cancer.  Topics covered include:
  • approach to the history and physical exam of breast masses
  • indications for breast imaging and biopsy
  • staging invasive cancer
  • management of breast cancer
    • surgery for primary tumors
    • surgery for axillary tumors
  • post-operative therapy

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2015 Update:

Women with LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ) should have an annual mammogram.
In general, bilateral prophylactic mastectomies are are no longer offered for patients with LCIS. Tamoxifen can be offered for risk reduction as it reduces the risk of hormone sensitive breast cancers by 50%, but it is not ‘treating’ the LCIS and we find the uptake is low as the risk/benefit is not great in this group of patients. LCIS also does not explain an imaging or clinical abnormality; these must be appropriately investigated when they occur.
Update by Dr Kelly Dabbs

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