Lumbar Radiculopathy

In this episode, neurosurgeon Dr. J. Max Findlay discusses lumbar radiculopathy, along with his personal experience of this condition.

After listening to this episode, learners will be able to:

· Define “radiculopathy” and “radiculitis”
· Discuss the basic features of lumbar radiculopathy
· Identify the differences between an L5, S1 and L4 radiculopathy
· Discuss treatment options for radiculopathy

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  1. Thank you Dr. Findlay. The lecture was clear and informative. I like how practical the lecture is, telling us what to expect or what to look for in the different types of radiculopathies. I was wondering if you have some landmark papers you can recommend for those interested in neurosurgical spine surgery can read. Thanks again, doctor.

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