Students can learn much simply by seeing patients all day long; however, you will need to access a variety of additional learning resources to cover all of the objectives in this clerkship.

Tip: check out the Objectives document and the exam blueprints to make sure you have covered everything you need.
NEW: Check out this great gastrointestinal X-ray collection on Medscape
Tip: There are some excellent online resources at the bottom of each page in the sections on Diseases in Surgery and Skills below:
 Surgery 101
  General Surgery Textbooks

including reviews and links to inline copies
Including links to online copies

PowerPoints, etc. from your mandatory seminars and skills sessions

 From the Health Sciences Library
A page on Surgery.
Under the tab ‘Find Articles and Answers’, you can get to to a number of superb online resources
including Access Surgery
 From the Association of Surgical Education
PowerPoint cases on common presentations in General Surgery
 Practice Exams
Practice multiple choice exams:
Helping you make the right decision

Handouts, downloads and links from your partners on the health care team

Great tools for the clinical environment

 Student Guide to Rounds, Orders, and Drugs




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