Visit to Salt Lake City

I was recently asked to be a visiting professor at the University of Utah, so I spent a few days in Salt Lake City visiting with the surgeons there and giving some talks. I spoke on a couple of topics:

  • The Surgeon’s Tale. How do we use stories in surgical education? Salt Lake City Surgical Society
  • Using new technology in surgical education. Grand Rounds. Department of Surgery, University of Utah

I had a great time during my short visit, and received such a warm and generous welcome. Thanks to all of the great folks who spent time sharing their stories with me, especially Amalia Cochrane and Bill Peche and the members of the Salt Lake Surgical Society. And many thanks to Kelly and Peter for sharing breakfast with me and to Kelly for driving me over to the hospital! It was a privilege to see your M&M and resident selection processes in action, and it was great to talk to your residents and students, the surgeons of the future!