Marketing Surgery 101

In this episode, Shannon Erichsen, Charlotte Chan & Peter Jaffray discuss the recent collaboration between Surgery 101 and the School of Business at the University of Alberta.

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  1. I discovered you a couple weeks back, have listened to most of the first hundred episodes; all good stuff (coming from an old retired utility worker!) and lots of hard work. Sound effects really need work, though. Beginning segment sounds are too plentiful, too loud, and too abrupt. Sorry. Go to and listen to “Season 1: Episode 6: Setting Audio Levels”. Personally I prefer no sound, but if it can’t be helped, then no more than 2 secs. They are also distracting when items are being enumerated. I’ll keep listening and have recommended your material to others, but with a note about skipping the first couple minutes…
    I listen to thousands of podcasts each year and over 10k to date from close to 200 sources. Yours is the only one covering surgery and the scope is excellent. Every specialty should follow suit. Thank you for all the extra effort. Now if you could just come up with a virtual skills lab…..

    Jim in Smithfield, Virginia

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